Villa Sistemi Medicali


Villa Sistemi Medicali

Villa Sistemi Medicali is Italian world-known manufacturer of x-ray equipment.

Since 1958, Villa Sistemi Medicali designs, manufactures and markets radiological systems for medical applications. With more than 60 years of experience, the company’s know-how embraces all the enabling technologies to meet the needs of the medical radiology market.

Villa, characterized by its strong propensity for innovation, having since a few years ago invested in the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies, to promote its products in an unprecedented and effective way.

The result of this project is “RAD/AR”, an application for smartphones and tablets that uses these technologies in an original way to visualize and integrate in the real environment the three-dimensional models of its equipment, showing their functionalities and possible applications. RAD/AR is thus a powerful information tool for customers as well as a revolutionary working tool for the commercial network, supporting communication, sales, and staff training activities in a simple and intuitive manner and allowing for remote work, resulting in cost and time savings.