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ALPINION Launches X-CUBE 90, A  High-performance  Ultrasound Diagnostic System

– Provides high-resolution diagnostic images with X+ Architecture

– X+ Assistant enables swift diagnosis through auto measurement using machine learning technology

SEOUL, South Korea–ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS Co., Ltd (ALPINION), a medical ultrasound professional, announced that it will launch X-CUBE 90 in March.

X-CUBE 90 is the top-tier model of X-CUBE, a brand developed by upgrading the existing E-CUBE product line. Compared to the existing models, X-CUBE 90 provides a more detailed image and comfortable user interface and thus a diagnostic environment of greater efficiency.

X-CUBE 90 applied X+ Architecture, an imaging platform independently developed by ALPINION. X+ Architecture is a premium-grade imaging platform created by combining  X+ Crystal signature™, a  transducer technology with high sensitivity and wideband, and the company’s cutting-edge beamforming and data processing technology, X+ FIT. With ALPINION’s unique algorithm, large-size data are swiftly reorganized,  thus clear and high-resolution images are provided.

In addition, X+ FIT, a hardware technology applied to X-CUBE 90 , increases data transmission capacity, data transmission speed, and data processing speed by 4, 10, and up to 14 times compared to existing products.

ALPINION applied the following new technologies to X-CUBE 90:

▲ X+ MicroView: The vascular imaging mode that displays micro blood flow.
It clearly displays low-speed blood flow, which has not been possible with Color Doppler at the fast frame rate .

▲ X+ pSWE: The Point Shear Wave Elastography shows objective quantified stiffness of tissue  and  the reliability index
of a measured result is displayed, ensuring to reduce  unnecessary biopsies for patients.

▲ X+ Assistant: With an optimal scanning protocol registered according to the guideline formulated from practical use,
keystroke time is reduced by at least 50%, thus effectively decreasing examination time.

ALPINION CEO Hyunjong Park states,  “We are thrilled about the launch of the new high-performance  ultrasound diagnostic system, X-CUBE 90.
We will continue introducing new products that meet the expectations of healthcare providers and patients around the world.”