Founded by Helmut A. Heine in 1946, HEINE Optotechnik has been driven by a clear vision from its inception: to manufacture the world’s highest quality diagnostic instruments. Helmut A. Heine firmly believed that the path to achieving the most reliable diagnosis at the earliest stage possible was through the use of top-notch diagnostic instruments.

Even today, customers can place their trust in HEINE’s unwavering commitment to quality and precise diagnostic performance across all its products. The unique functionality and enduring durability of HEINE instruments are qualities that customers can rely on.

HEINE proudly embodies “Quality made in Germany,” consistently infusing every aspect of its operations with a dedication to quality. This commitment is evident in every product manufactured, every lens polished, every screw tightened, and every optic fiber bundled—each day, without exception.

The legendary durability of HEINE’s primary diagnostic instruments is a testament to decades of product development, continuous improvement, in-house production, and rigorous 100% quality control. The company ensures that its lofty standards of quality are upheld, thereby guaranteeing that their high-end products align with the promise of delivering the most accurate and earliest possible diagnoses.